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Workshop: Moving through Menopause

We’re using International Women’s Day to let you know that we want to help you through this important life transition – it’s the one thing all women have in common, and it’s not all bad – although it can be challenging!


Join us at The Training Works for a workshop dedicated to learning how to manage and move through your menopause better. Whether you are menopausal, post or peri-menopausal being armed with the latest evidence and information is the first step to ensuring you stay healthy and strong.

Led by women's health physiotherapist, Sarah Marsh, Nutritionist, Karen Campbell and Personal Trainer, Melissa Tarver we will talk through the myths and facts around menopause.

We will cover

- the common symptoms of menopause and how to recognise them

- to HRT or not HRT, the treatment options available

- changes to our bodies and pelvic floor (the part no one talks about!)

- aches and pain to hot flushes and anxiety, how your lifestyle, diet and activity levels all help you manage this transition

- what activity is best for you now- how often and how long for?

- which foods will keep you healthy, manage your weight and help you stay cool?

- reducing anxiety – breathing and relaxation techniques to help

Taking time to reflect

Acknowledging that this is a time to pause, reflect and go forward to become the wise strong and amazing women we all are

Or as Helen Mirren says "how to care less about what anyone else thinks!"

Interested in joining us - email to find out more.

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