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Working out in a heatwave

While summer is busy sizzling away here are our top tips for working out, our focus is on your wellbeing and making sure you exercise safely.

Hydrate... Yes we always talk about this but you really can't drink too much water. You will be perspiring even sitting still so keep that water bottle to hand and keep it filled up. Rather than freezing your whole bottle, invest in an ice stick to go inside the bottle and avoid the brain freeze.

When to Train...It is cooler at dawn than dusk... working out in the morning and eating a good breakfast will help you manage blood sugar levels througout the day and hopefully leave you feeling rested and ready for bed when the sun goes down.

Cream up...Training outside?  Then up the SPF. There are plenty of brands (we like Banana Boat) that do an SPF50 now that actually soaks in without leaving you a gloopy mess. You are probably wearing less clothing too so don't forget to cover those newly exposed areas.

Know your limits...This isn't the time to be thinking about breaking PBs or pushing your distances. Short bursts or class based training is recommended so you can take breaks, be close to water sources and not be stranded with heatstroke too far from home.

If you are new to classes click here to see our timetable and take up our Summer Special taster offer of 3 classes for £20.

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