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Somewhere this rain is falling as snow!

Calling all skiers - it is time to prep your body for the slopes.

Patient: “Doctor, Doctor, I slipped on my way to the chairlift”

Doctor: “Icy”

Ok ok enough with the cracker jokes but yes it is that time of year when we start counting down the weeks until we can hit the slopes. But how can you improve your chances of staying upright?

What We Do

At the Training works, through a combination of exercise and therapy, we will help to build up your confidence and strength to improve your skiing. Our training programmes include discussions with your PT around nutrition and where we identify niggles or restriction of movement we can advise on massage, manipulation or physio that will support your progress. We treat all skiers the same whether you are going for the first time or whether you are a ski addict - this bit is about how your body is moving and how to keep it injury free so you can be the best you can be once those ski's (or board) are on.

What we focus on

1. Strength and conditioning for muscular endurance

2. Landing mechanics

3. Improving stability

4. Activating muscles that stabilize the joints

5. Developing muscle symmetry

6. Cardio exercise to get you ready for the mountains!

Our offers

New to the Training Works?

All available when booking on Mind Body App

Managing risk

As with any sport we want to focus on minimising the risk of injuries occurring. Using our expertise in strength and conditioning we will get you performing exercises that strengthen the muscles surrounding the key load area.

If you are a skier but have been put off skiing due to an accident, then we are here to help you get back on the slopes! All our PT are also qualified in Sports Rehabilitation and can identify a treatment plan that will help you get back on track.

And eek lets hope this doesn't happen but should you incur and injury on the slopes we can support your recovery too.

For injury prevention top things to remember when you get to the slopes;

1. Make sure that you give the correct weight when getting your skis set

2. Ensure your ski bindings are adjusted appropriately for your level of skiing

3. Choose the right pistes for your ability

4. Always wear a helmet

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