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To Yin or to Yang?

Our bodies need both for balance.

Yang 'active' Many people start their yoga journey practising a Vinyasa style. This makes sense because we often come with a mindset that an exercise class should be a physical work out. Vinyasa Yoga is dynamic, it will make your heart beat, you will most likely sweat and you will feel physical fatigue.

But our bodies need balance and this is why Yin Yoga should not be seen as any less of a workout.

Yin 'passive' Yin yoga—a slow, restorative style of yoga - gives back so much more strength and energy than it takes away. You learn to hold poses for longer, finding comfort in what can be uncomfortable, as you open your joints and show your body how to relax, to feel more balanced and less restless.

If you are too Yang this style of Yoga can bring calm and re-engerise. It can help with anxiety by focusing the now and improve flexibility by working on parts of the body that can often be overlooked.

We offer Vinyasa, Hatha and Restorative Yin Yoga here at the Training Works and with a Class Pass or intro offer you can try all the different styles of classes to find out which combination is right for you.

Drop in or call us on 020 8892 2493 if you would like to talk through our classes, therapies or personal training programmes.

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