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New to Personal Training at 60

What does parkrun Founder and TW1 local, Paul Sinton-Hewitt, say about working out with Emer, our Personal Trainer and Sports Rehabilitation specialist here at The Training Works.

"As an experienced runner who is approaching my sixties and having no previous gym experience, I was apprehensive about how I would get on. I expected the experience to be hard with a real opportunity to injure myself. However I have become more and more aware, especially over the recent years, of the need to strengthen my core and build bone strength. Melissa convinced me that The Training Works team had the knowledge, skills, and experience to guide me through the process because they were trained as Personal Trainers and Sports Rehabilitation specialists which covers many aspects of Physiotherapy. 

My Training Works PT, Emer, conducted my initial assessment and constructed a training program which she then oversaw. Working with me steadily, week by week, assessing my condition and addressing any issues she would adjust the program as needed to ensure that I made steady progress. This has proven to be just what I needed.

I have been happily surprised at the constant positive changes in my body tone, strength, and general fitness.

While gym work will never be my favorite thing, Emer and The Training Works have ensured that I am enjoying the bi-weekly sessions by evidencing the changes in my body which I feel has been instrumental in my improved running and cycling too. The Training Works team work together to ensure your personal experience meets your exact needs."

The parkrun started in Bushy Park back in 2004 and now can be run in over 650 locations in 20 different countries. Fancy giving it a go? Find your nearest event and Sign up here.

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