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Staying At Home can be exhausting!

The number one reason I hear from clients skipping exercise or for making poor food choices is TIREDNESS. Sometimes due to overwork, often due to lack of sleep. And now with the additional stress caused by lockdown just adds to our inability to get proper shut eye.

It is the downward spiral as our bodies do two things when we're tired:

  1. Stop wanting to expend energy (hit the sofa)

  2. Look for a short cut to more energy (eat junk)

These are strong drivers and you probably tell yourself you just need willpower to overcome them... and at that very moment your willpower deserts you.

Prepare, automate, schedule and SLEEP.

These are the four horseman of fighting fatigue and establishing a new, healthier routine. Knowing what you are eating in advance, scheduling and committing to exercise, sets you up well and when there is little structure to our new stay at home day it is down to us to create some.

But is this enough to assure yourself a good night's sleep? Good sleep hygiene:

  • Same bedtime and waking time each day

  • Stop using screens 2hrs before bedtime

  • Relaxing routine, bath, hot drink

  • Avoiding excess alcohol

  • Exercise but not within 2hrs of bedtime

  • Cool room around 18-19 degrees celsius

But what if I keep waking up?

If you wake in the early hours, brain whirring and struggle to get back to sleep? Gold standard is 7-8hrs, then 3-5hrs is simply NOT enough.

I found these two (ridiculously) simple changes to my early morning waking made a huge difference. Adapted from The Effortless Sleep Method by Sasha Stephens.

  1. DO NOT look at the clock

  2. Tell yourself you're a fabulous sleeper and you're going straight back to sleep. Repeat, repeat, repeat. Use this mantra to block any other thoughts from your mind....

Sweet Dreams 😴

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