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12 Days of Fitness

How to reshape your fitness outlook for a fun festive season and positive start to the new year…

The Training Works takes a holistic approach to making changes you’ll find easy to incorporate into everyday life.

1. BODY – Cold weather sees a marked increase in the number of people experiencing tight muscles in necks and backs. Take time to mobilise your spine with forward roll-downs, side bends and gentle twists to counteract stiffness. Yoga in the new year?

2. MIND – Shift your focus away from guilt about over-indulgence, to a positive fitness goal that you can achieve, whether that’s taking a new class at your local fitness studio, or a light jog around the block.

3. LIFESTYLE – Clear or tidy one single drawer or cupboard each week. Don’t be tempted to do more or you won’t want to do the next one. By spring, your home should feel refreshingly uncluttered.

4. NUTRITION – Drink 2-3L of water per day. You will look and feel SO much better. Proper hydration can improve digestion, sleep and helps with post-party hangovers!

5. BODY – Core. The powerhouse of your body, and if you are not already paying it special attention, it is time to give it some love. Pilates is the best cure for a weak mid-section.

6. MIND – Get better sleep. You’ll see improvements in your mood, focus and you’re less likely to overeat. If you’re wakeful at night, small changes such as telling yourself you’re a good sleeper and not looking at the clock can make a big difference (The Effortless Sleep Method – Sasha Stephens).

7. BODY – Winter Sports preparation. Make the most of your ski/snowboarding holiday by doing some sports specific preparation. If you’re lacking motivation, hire a personal trainer for a few weeks beforehand.

8. LIFESTYLE – Walk part of your journey to work. Walk the stairs. Walk the escalator. Walk.

9. NUTRITION – You may be dreaming of a white Christmas, but the fastest way to gain weight is by eating white/beige food. Go easy on the bread, spuds, pastry and crackers with cheese.

10. MIND – Treat yourself to a massage to release both physical tension and mental stress. We could all use that during the hectic festive season…

11. NUTRITION – Don’t rush to finish “bad foods”. If you don’t have the will power to not over-indulge, give them away!

12. LIFESTYLE – Make a commitment to exercise 3 times a week, in a way that is realistic and achievable for you.

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