Our Classes 

All our classes offer safe and effective exercise designed to boost your physical and mental well-being.

Up to 8 people per Pilates class and 12 people per Yoga class.

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Our Pilates classes follow methodology developed by physiotherapists to ensure you perform Pilates exercises correctly, and in a way that supports your own specific needs.

Pilates for Beginners & Improvers


Improve core function, help reduce back pain, build strength, improve balance and flexibility. Excellent for anyone recovering from injury.

Pilates for Sportspeople


Focusing on improving power, strength, form, stability and flexibility on foot, skis, boards or on the bike.  

Helping to correct typical postural imbalances that cause muscles weakness/tightness and pain. All levels welcome whether you are an annual skier, occasional runner/cyclist or seasoned semi-pro, this class can benefit everyone.

Pregnancy Pilates (on Request)


Pregnancy (or ante- natal)  pilates is one of the most effective and safe forms of exercise during pregnancy, helping to improve mental and physical wellbeing. Classes will focus on pelvic floor, back, abdominal and glute strength; increasing pelvic stability; improving posture and general mental wellbeing. 

Each client is required to attend a one-to-one session with the practitioner prior to their first class for a confidential assessment of medical/injury history.

Fitness Pilates


Improve core function,  build strength and improve your balance and flexibility. The are mixed ability classes for anyone who has done Pilates before and is looking for more of a workout.

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Yoga @TW

Vinyasa Yoga

Vinyasa yoga has a strong focus on posture, balance and restorative movement, flowing from one pose to the next to ensure you also have a great workout. 

Athletic postures and fluid sequences combine with advanced breathing techniques. 


Ideal for (but not limited to) runners and cyclists who want to relieve muscle tightness and improve restorative movement.

Yoga for all & Hatha Gentle Flow

Slower paced yoga sequences that gently strengthen your core and encourage good posture.

Learn the poses, how to manage your breathing and work into the stretch.

Ideal for those with reduced mobility.


Circuits @TW

Low impact, high intensity circuit training

Varied each week, our circuits classes combine a minimum of twelve different cardio, strength and resistance based exercises performed intensively with short rest breaks between.

It is an efficient, challenging form of training that develops muscular strength, bone density, aerobic endurance, flexibility and coordination all in one workout.

Low impact to minimise stress on joints and injury in general this approach to training is great for all ages and abilities looking for full body conditioning.


We use a wide range of types and sizes of weights. Each exercise will be demonstrated first and your ability assessed so that you will work within your capability.

With two circuit classes on a Saturday morning it is the perfect way to kick start your weekend.


Located in TW1, across the road from St Margarets mainline station.